New American Art Space Workshops At Al Riwaq

urlNew American Art Space Workshops! August 18-21, from 7-9pm.  Sign up Now!


Al Riwaq Art Space in Adliya and the US Embassy in Bahrain are offering a 4 day workshop to introduce the new American Art and Technology Space.  Sign up for this 4 day seminar to learn how you can utilize the tools in the space to bring life to your wildest Art projects.   


All participants will have the opportunity to apply for year-round membership to the space, which includes access to the 3-D printer, an Epilog Laser Cutter, a Canon full-color Poster Printer, scanners, Mac computers and more! 


To sign up send a brief description of your background and how you would use the space to by August 14th!    


Artist Space introduction and roundtable, Sunday, August 18, 7-9 pm

This evening will be part demonstration of the space’s technology, part showcase of artworks using technologies in the field, and part roundtable about community needs from such a space as it further develops.


3D Modeling for 3D Printing, Monday, August 19, 7-9

This workshop will be a brief introduction to a couple of tools useful for making 3D models and how to prepare the models for 3D printing. All tools covered will be free and open source. An introduction to the 3D printing process will also be given using the Makerbot printer.

Attendees will need to bring laptops and 3 button mice (or equivalent).


Basic Electronics with Arduino, Tuesday, August 20, 7-9pm

This workshop will introduce the basic ideas of electronics and then focus on using the Arduino microcontroller as an inexpensive way of creating electronic projects. The arduino allows you to run leds, motors and other devices in reaction to different inputs. We will learn to program the desired behaviors for the arduino using the free companion software. Some experience with writing code is encouraged, but not required.

Attendees will need to bring laptops.

Using Vector Tools for Laser Cutting, Wednesday, August 21, 7-9
Vectors are a powerful creative method which allows the artist to imagine works from 1cm in size to the height of buildings without losing quality. We will learn Inkscape – a free and open source software, to create vector drawings. The workshop will focus on the use of these valuable and versatile methods to create illustrations or patterns for a laser cutter.
Attendees will need to bring laptops, preferably with Inkscape already installed (

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