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KUWAIT: Nuqat has commenced the preparations for organizing this year’s Nuqat Design Conference 2013 which is done every year being the platform for the creatives in the Middle East. This year’s Kuwait conference will be held under the theme of Executing Culture Shock, to be hosted – for the second time – by Al Americani that is managed by Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiya, from Nov 7 to Nov 12.

The purpose of this year’s conference is to challenge and examine the experience of cultural change and its effects on artists and designers. It will also assess the role of creatives in executing change within a transforming culture through the exploration of its transitional levels. Therefore, here comes the theme of Executing Culture Shock for Nuqat Conference 2013.

The organizing committee also mentioned that during Nuqat conference 2013, speakers will present their own reaction to the aforesaid factors through socially conscious design, celebration of culture, social experience, dissection and intervention. They also stated that participants will then be engaged with those powerful reactions and new perspectives that may question the existing norms and invent new methods of adaptation, thus executing culture shock.

The conference speakers will display different executions, theories & ideas based on their field and the topic of Nuqat 2013 Conference. Each speaker will express a different experience and reaction in an attempt to understand and initiate progress and positive change.

The participants of the conference will also experience hands on interactive and interdisciplinary workshops conducted by professional creatives in several fields. The workshops aim to incite the participants’ reaction to the culture change in a positive innovative approach, resulting in a beneficial and effective outcome. The workshops have limited seats to ensure a productive environment and quality time with the instructors. To read more about the Nuqat Conference, you may read more here.

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