Life Enhancing Courses with Kelly Armatage

Kelly Armatage is an internationally renowned life coach, focused and qualified in providing Counselling, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions, Meditation Classes, Self Development Workshops and Corporate Training in Bahrain and globally. Not only is Kelly often booked to speak publicly at events, she also runs Seminars and Workshops that facilitate significant change for attendees on a personal, emotional, professional and spiritual level.

MindSet LeafletAs part of The 2014 MindSet, Kelly Armatage is running some Life Enhancing Courses. The Menu consists of a range of courses, all targeting different aspects of personal development from meditation to supercharging your mind and body:

The Essential Meditation Course

The Ultimate Entrepreneur & Career Training

The Explosive Relationship Course

The “Super Charge Your Health” Course

Book a course before March 10th and receive a free one to one coaching session.

Book now at, or call +973 39931399 or +973 17002320 to start enhancing your life with the help of Kelly Armatage, whether it be professionally or personally.

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