Maki Introduces The Amina Maki


The Amina Maki is the latest addition to Maki’s extensive menu. The Amina Maki is a collaboration between Amina Al Abbasi and Maki. A self-taught artist, Amina has been developing her artistic style while branching out to a full product line ranging from phone covers to handbags. Her art embraces traditional themes of Arab culture combined with a contemporary twist, similar to her collaboration with Maki.

The Amina Maki is an explosion of flavors for one’s taste buds, with a variety of ingredients that will suit everyone’s palettes. The Amina Maki incorporates fresh salmon, fresh white fish, avocado, shrimp tempura, rice, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and the award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Lastly, the maki is sprinkled with Japanese spices and green tea powder. As a final touch, the raw fish in the maki is torched, which enhances the flavors and brings out the juices that are hidden inside the fish.

The concept is to portray a vibrant artistic maki with a variety of flavors. In addition, the maki exudes Amina Al Abbasi’s creative personality, which is essential in namesake dishes. The Amina Maki will officially added to Maki’s diverse menu.

We had the pleasure of organizing the launch event – where Amina’s closest family and friends joined the celebration of unveiling The Amina Maki.

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Visit Maki at World Trade Center to try the Amina Maki – which is not only visually beautiful, but will excite your taste buds!

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