Primum Agmen: An Exciting New Opportunity in Bahrain

DSC_5712 Primum Agmen, a lifestyle management firm with a vision to provide exceptional services to their clientele, are proud to have participated in the Bahrain Exhibition for Training and Education-Pre Employment 2014, which was be held on the 23rd and 24th of April 2014, from 08:30-13:00 and 16:00-20:00 at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Center (BIECC) Hall 2.


Core services they offer include: giving advice and guidance on all aspects of education, helping clients in making decisions regarding their properties; ranging from protecting their assets to maximizing their returns. In addition, they offer art consulting, collection building and private exhibition services to clients interested in purchasing artwork that compliments and enhances both exterior and interior spaces.

Primum Agmen are driven by a single passion, a specific vision to provide exceptional services to the most demanding individuals. Each activity undertaken is focused on the same desire for excellence. The services provided include several features, which improve the quality of life and the value of cost impact, to deliver life enhancing benefits, experiences and non-stop services.

Their philosophy of combining excellent services with discretion has developed a cachet amongst their wealthy clientele. Members recognize the value of their competence, offering everything from the chic and very sophisticated, to the rare and provocative. What makes them different is that all of the partners behind the company have decades of experience providing bespoke services to meet the needs of discriminating clientele who require the ultimate in lifestyle and personalized experience with the utmost discretion.

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Bahrain Flour Mills Announces the Launch of its New Corporate Identity: Al-Matahin


Bahrain Flour Mills has launched a new corporate identity and product branding to support its goal of being a market leader preserving national food security for Bahrain. The company will now operate as “Al-Matahin” as it takes a step forward to becoming a regionally recognized brand. The company unveiled its new corporate identity during their Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, March 26th at Kempinski Hotel.


“There were a number of compelling reasons to rebrand Bahrain Flour Mills,” commented Mohammed Nass, Managing Director.  “We felt the name “Bahrain Flour Mills” was tiresome, long and not aligned with our current ideology or vision for the future. Also, we want to make sure our company name is simple, easy to remember and distinguished from the names of our regional competitors.  Now is an ideal time to transition to a new company name, having just taken on the decision to invest an amount of BD 12 million for the acquisition, installing and commissioning of a new replacement flourmill with a total capacity of 600 tons per day in addition to the related service, operational and storage facilities. ”


Bahrain Flour Mills were looking to reposition their public image with a fresh, dynamic and innovative look and feel. This was particularly pertinent in terms of revamping the existing product line.


“In keeping with the new cooking and health conscious trend that has sparked up in recent years, a new and younger demographic is now shopping for our products. We have to ensure that our packaging communicates to our target audience and shoppers that we have a high quality, locally produced offering on hand.” Said operations manager, Raed Al Saloom.

The rebranding was undertaken with the advice of OBAI & HILL (, a leading local PR and design firm. Al-Matahin is an Arabic name, which simply means “Flour Mills” – it was chosen for its simplicity and recognition in the local market (as it is the name that is colloquially used to refer to Bahrain Flour Mills).


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“Previously we did not have a brand – we had a ‘logo’, which was a revamp of the old logo developed some 30 years back. I cannot unify my message to the public on a social level with just a logo. A rebrand will allow consumers to know where their bread comes from, and truly connect with our brand.”


About Al-Matahin

Al-Matahin, previously known as Bahrain Flour Mills, is a Bahraini public shareholding company, established in 1970. Their products are produced and sold in Bahrain. With a wide range of products, the company has eight types of flours in addition to Harees and Jareesh. The principal activities of the company are the import of wheat, the production wheat flour and related products which are sold to the Bahraini market (where all auto bakeries, hotels, restaurants, super and hypermarkets rely on it) and to foreign export markets. For more information about Al-Matahin, visit

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New Client: Al-Haddad Motors


The agency is proud to announce Al-Haddad Motors and Mercedes Benz as their new client.

Since 1958, Al Haddad Motors has been the authorized general distributor for Mercedes-Benz in the Kingdom of Bahrain. During this time the company has continued to grow and now employs over 200 dedicated and experienced staff. The wealth of experience and exceptional customer service provided by Al Haddad Motors ensures that it continues to be a world class Mercedes-Benz partner. Al Haddad Motors is a full service Mercedes-Benz operation from new and used passenger cars to commercial vehicles, genuine spare parts to lifestyle accessories, all professionally managed to Mercedes-Benz worldwide standards. The service centre boasts a modern workshop fully equipped with Mercedes-Benz approved equipment. For more information, visit

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Peak Professional Performance Workshop with Kelly Armatage

Obai and Hill had the pleasure of attending a riveting workshop titled ” Peak Professional Performance” delivered by Kelly Armatage on Tuesday the 1st of April at her consultancy office in Zinj.



Kelly Armatage is an internationally renowned life coach, focused and qualified in providing Counselling, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions, Meditation Classes, Self Development Workshops and Corporate Training in Bahrain and globally. Not only is Kelly often booked to speak publicly at events, she also runs Seminars and Workshops that facilitate significant change for attendees on a personal, emotional, professional and spiritual level.


The workshop was customized for the Obai & Hill staff and centered on identifying the agency’s “mighty why” and mission: to become the number one PR agency in the Gulf by the year 2020.

Kelly started the session with an introductory exercise where the team members had to introduce themselves and identify what year of the Chinese zodiac they were born in. She then eased into the workshop by outlining how one can change their mindset to tackle everyday goals, no matter how large or small they are. She also discussed the methods of team alignment, and introduced tools to help optimize workflow in a group setting.

The team was also briefed on the tenets of successful leadership – and how each individual member of the team can instill leadership qualities within themselves, no matter what their role or job description.


Kelly also spoke about beating procrastination, and how to keep motivation high in the work environment.

Overall the session was uplifting and inspirational. The team left feeling energised, optimistic and excited for the future. The team would like to thank Kelly Armatage for delivering such a wonderful session and they look forward to many more sessions and workshops with her along their quest to achieving their mission.


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