O Talent Website Launch

OBAI & Hill are proud to announce the launch of O TALENT. At O Talent,  we harness the power of branding and strategic PR to provide the newest and most innovative way for our clients to be discovered. We strive to be the one-stop-shop for artists and personalities to showcase their talent. Embracing the complete spectrum of entertainment industry disciplines,  artists,  writers,  filmmakers,  musicians,  bloggers and designers are all welcome.
Talent management involves a wide variety of services that ensure our clients get the exposure they need and deserve including personality sponsorship,  branding,  goodwill ambassadorship,  promotional figures and spokespersons. Through these channels O Talent can continue to represent our clients in the best light possible,  to the audience that matters., We at O TALENT are solely responsible for strategizing and managing brand endorsements,  media activities and media rights,  brand and image management,  digital rights as well and all promotional activities.
Our ongoing effort is to promote personalities in the fashion,  music,  retail,  sports and food industries. More and more companies in the region are seeking inspiration and support from personalities who have excelled in their respective fields.
Visit the newly launched website on www.otalent.me
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