Salad Boutique: New plans on their way to execution!


Salad Boutique is originally a Kuwaiti franchise founded in 2009, it opened in Bahrain in 2011. It is a family owned business owned by six sisters who share the passion of offering good fresh food to their customers. Salad Boutique is the result of the owners’ bold imagination and creative concept of food and service.The restaurant is differentiated by its extensive “salad as main course” menu. They offer all kind of appetizers, and soups.  They serve all day western and eastern breakfast, and for lunch, they proud themselves by serving a wide range of salads, sandwiches, mini burgers and risottos. Party platters and deserts are also available as Salad Boutique aims to be an all-purpose restaurant. For drinks, they offer fresh juices and innovative energy drinks that are made from fresh fruits.


At Salad Boutique , they love creating food that appeals to all. Their quality and passion is what intrigued us the most. We consider Salad Boutique ‘a piece of art’, and art is boundless and universal. Conceived and established in a tiny country, we pursue a dream – to take Salad Boutique beyond the borders of Kuwait and into the global arena.


We are glad to say that they are now one of our clients. We look forward to working with them as we can sense their creativity and innovation. We also highly regard their values of giving back to the community, inspiring others and serving healthy yet luxurious food. 


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