The 2nd Annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day


The 2nd Annual Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Celebrate, Support, Empower 

Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide!  

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo Proclaims November 19th, 2015 

 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!   

“To further cement our pillars and means of delivery we’ve appointed

eight regional ambassadors representing the European Union,

Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Central and South America,

the Caribbean, Middle East & North Africa, Africa, North America, Asia and Oceania to streamline WED globally.” – Wendy Diamond (WED Founder)


October 12, 2015 – New York, NY:   As November 19th Women Entrepreneurship Day quickly approaching, preparations are underway globally with over 144 ambassadors representing countries across Asia, Europe, North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, the Middle East and Africa to host their local activities.

“Its inspiring to see women coming together in such a manner as we look forward to the November 19th celebration at the United Nations and having it live streamed in 144 countries and 111 top universities and colleges worldwide,” stated Wendy Diamond, Founder of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED).

Diamond continues, “This year we’ve added a new element of having regional ambassadors representing their the designated regions and who have been working diligently on the ground with the individual ambassadors in their respective countries to launch the WED on the 19th of November in a supporting, celebratory and empowering manner building on what was done last year,”

From seminars, to public events, to videos of messages and tips to entrepreneurs and women everywhere, WED 2014 achieved massive success with the participation of 35,000 members and worldwide partners.  We look forward to a more massive global impact during WED 2015!

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is a worldwide movement that carries throughout the year in support of female entrepreneurs on every continent. The defining goal is to empower women and their businesses, as well as gather a think tank of women leaders,which will ultimately create an amplified merged message to expand businesses with social good initiatives in communities locally and globally.

“I have dedicated my entire life to helping the “underdog” get a chance and thrive,” says Diamond. “Historically, women worldwide have been underpaid, undervalued, underrepresented, underfunded – and underestimated. We are dedicated, determined, and driven to change this status – the women entrepreneurs involved in WED are inspirational role models to women everywhere!”

A remarkable team representing the regional ambassadors has come together featuring leading women entrepreneurs whose responsibilities include working with the local ambassadors in each of the designated countries and together the regional program.  The regional ambassadors for WED 2015 include Mirlinda Kusari‑Purinni (European Union and Eastern Europe), A. Cecile Watson (Caribbean), Karla Ruiz Conino (Central and South America), Sarah Al Ayed (Middle East and North Africa & Asia), Leticia Browne (Africa), Lisa von Sturmer (North America) and Jo Burston (Oceania).

“We’re excited to witness the second annual launch of the Women Entrepreneurship Day and how over 100 ambassadors are coming together globally to support, empower and celebrate women worldwide,” stated Sarah Ayed Al Ayed Co-Founder and Board Member of TRACCS and Women Entrepreneurship Day Regional Ambassador – Middle East, North Africa and Asia.  “Each of the MENA region ambassadors are leaders in their communities change agents, entrepreneurs that have achieved a lot in their communities.  We look forward to seeing more success stories that are integral components of the business and social community.  To create the diversity in the business spectrum engaging in economical support, job creation and educational development a society needs strong partnerships that bring together the business sectors, government entities and initaitives such as WED that are focused on the dynamic of empowerment, support and celebration.”

WED Middle East and North Africa is proud to announce the names of the WED 2015 Ambassadors

  • Saudi Arabia:  Sofana Dahlan Attorney at Law, CEO Tashkeil
  • Qatar:  Aisha AlFardan – Vice Chairwoman, Qatari Businesswomen Association & Personal Advisor to the Chairman – Alfardan Group Holding
  • United Arab Emirates:  H.E. Moza Al Otaiba – Chairman of the Board AlOtaiba Alinma Group
  • Oman: Sharifa Al Barami Founder of BizHub and Executive Partner at AGSI
  • Kuwait: Maali Al Sousi – Founder and Chairwoman of Tamkeen Organization
  • Bahrain: Wafa AlObaidat – CEO Obai & Hill
  • Lebanon: Roula Mousa – Founder and Managing Partner Netways
  • Jordan: Fida Taher – Founder Zaytouneh and Co-Founder Atbaki
  • Egypt: Laila Sedky – Entrepreneur and Founder NOLA Cupcakes
  • Palestine: Lamya Hussein – Founder & Director of Refuters
  • Sudan: Maisson Mattar Founder and CEO of Fandora
  • Syria: May Massijeh – Co-Founder Daraty
  • Lebanon:  WED  Youth Regional Ambassador Lynn Zovighian

Last year training events, galleries, women inspired seminars and video messages were launched across the Middle East and North Africa with connections being made on the date to streamline the events at the United Nations.  Thousands of women across the region took part.  This year more is expected with the participation of a wider audience base and the addition of more countries.  Each MENA Ambassador will be announcing the November 19 activities locally in the coming weeks with some hosting more than one event spanning key cities.  With CSR initiated events on a grassroots level such as training programs, entrepreneurial projects and conferences WED MENA expects the participation of thousands of women across the region coming together in celebration, support and empowerment.

Diamond was inspired to launch WED on a Honduras holiday in 2013, where she spent time with an organization that gives microcredit to locally impoverished women, ( She witnessed firsthand how these beneficial startup loans empowered Honduran women, benefited their families, and provided the opportunity for their children to attend school. Diamond took note and understood the importance of empowering women through a financial vehicle of support. When women are provided economic empowerment, they outspend men on their family’s health, nutrition, and education by threefold; 90% women to 30% men. Together as a global community we can make the planet a better place!

“Empowering women worldwide and investing in their futures helps to drive and promote economic vitality and security locally and globally,” says Diamond. “Twenty-first century leadership skills, such as cooperation, communication, and sharing are more commonly associated with women. We want to celebrate the unwavering positives that women entrepreneurs bring to the global economy as well as inspire and support future generations of women entrepreneurs.”

Diamond has rallied an impressive and powerful list of worldwide attendees, influential organizations, leaders, and entrepreneurs supporting women that will gather and join at the UN on this day of WED as “ONE DAY TO CELEBRATE, SUPPORT AND EMPOWER WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WORLDWIDE.” Major Fortune 500 companies and various female business founders, CEO’s, Creatives, and business leaders participating including; Adena Friedman (President of Global Capital Access, technology and insights for NASDAQ. Former Managing Director and CFO of The Carlyle Group), Mamie Gummer (Actress and Ambassador Nomi Network), Andrea Kerzner (Founder and CEO of the Lalela Project, and co-creator of, Amir Dossal (Founder and Chairman of Global Partnerships Forum, former director of UN Office of Partnerships),

Andrea Jung (CEO of Grameen America, Former CEO of Avon and Board of Directors of Apple, Daimler AG and General Electric), Craig Newmark (Founder of craigslist and craigconnects), Cynthia Cohen (Strategic Mindshare Founder and President), Danielle Gelber (NBC Executive Producer, Executive Vice-President at Wolf  & Films), Diane Brady (Former Senior Editor Bloomberg Businessweek), Sheila Johnson (Co-Founder BET, First Self Made Black Female Billionaire), Erika Karp (Founder and CEO Cornerstone Capital Inc.), Heidi Messer (Co-founder of Collective [i] and Linkshare), Leslie Blodgett (Creator of bareMinerals and former CEO of Bare Escentuals), Milena Berry (Co-founder and CTO PowerToFly and former Chief Technology at, Kunal Sood (Executive Producer and Curator at TEDX UN Plaza), Sophia Swire (Founder of Aayenda and Future Brilliance),  Susan Stautberg (Co-founder and CEO of Women Corporate Direct),  Tamara Etmannski (Founder of Stackz), Vicki Escarra (Global CEO of Opportunity International), Martha MacMillan (Board Director of Cargill Inc. and Waycrosse Inc.), James Benedict (Advisory Board at Acupera and Principal with Kidd & Company), Katharina Sophia Volz (Founder and CEO of OccamzRazor).

The global Student Ambassador initiative is in full swing with top colleges engaged including Stanford, Clarkson, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Babson, University of Oxford, and Yale and hundreds of other universities/colleges. WED’s Global Ambassadors are operating in every continent, and from Rwanda to Saudi Arabia they are primed to activate their communities with the WED movement through worldwide activities on the day of the event.

The WED social media platform will engage women and men globally to pledge their support for a women owned business/cause with; Talent, Time, or Treasure. When we empower a community, we are also advancing the next generation of leaders! On December 2nd, the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving we will launch the #WomenWOW social media campaign to encourage everyone worldwide to support women-owned businesses and causes that will inspire just like Giving Tuesday and Small Business Saturday.

The WED social media platform will engage women and men globally to pledge their support for a women owned business/cause with; Talent, Time, or Treasure. When we empower a community, we are also advancing the next generation of leaders! On December 2nd, the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving we will launch the #WomenWOW social media campaign to encourage everyone worldwide to support women-owned businesses and causes that will inspire just as Giving Tuesday and Small Business Saturday.



About WED

The mission of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is to celebrate, support, and empower women worldwide. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day will empower the 4 billion women on the planet, bring hope, and help elevate the 250 million girls living in poverty! Our social media initiative is to engage women and men globally to pledge their support to a women-owned business or cause through our #WomenWOW pledge, and give with their Time, Talent, or Treasure!

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Awards

We honor women business pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, STEM innovators with the WED Pioneer Awards annually at the WED event. The recipients are women of excellence and industry leaders in Fashion, Philanthropy, Sports, Entertainment, Health, Social Responsibility, Beauty and Technology.

WED Global Initiative

Our student ambassador global initiative is in full swing; engaged top colleges include Stanford, Duke, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, Babson and University of Oxford. Our global team of ambassadors is activated in every continent, and from China to Saudi Arabia they stand primed to galvanize their communities with the WED movement and #WomenWOW to make a significant impact globally this year.


On December 2nd, 2015 the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, we will activate WED’s social media campaign #WomenWOW and encourage everyone worldwide to support women-owned and led businesses, and causes.


Women’s Entrepreneurship Day/#WomenWOW

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Women In Business Worldwide!

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