O Talent: Talent Management Agency

The Obai and Hill Team were thrilled to introduce O Talent, the first Talent Management Agency in Bahrain on Monday the 24th of March at the Bahrain Financial Harbour to a select number of local personalities.


At O Talent, we harness the power of branding and strategic PR to provide the newest and most innovative way for our clients to be discovered. We strive to be the one-stop-shop for artists and personalities to showcase their talent. Embracing the complete spectrum of entertainment industry disciplines, artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, bloggers and designers are welcome.

Talent management involves a wide variety of services that ensure our clients get the exposure they need and deserve to include personality sponsorship, branding, goodwill ambassadorship, promotional figures and spokespersons. Through these channels O Talent can continue to represent our clients in the best light possible, to the audience that matters.

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The guests were invited to ask further questions  following the presentation and were then given the opportunity to meet with the team whilst mingling with other  guests over some light bites and drinks. Following the successful pilot, a comprehensive list of interested talents have contacted the team to attend the next presentation evening.


Please contact info@otalent.me if you wish to be represented by O Talent or for any further information.

Obai & Hill Corporate Offsite 2013


We were honored to be hosted by the fantastic staff at The Domain Hotel Bahrain for our first corporate offsite this year.


We started our day with a yoga session led by one of our account managers to rejuvenate ourselves and get a good long stretch! Second, we began discussing the projects we worked on during the year of 2013. photo_22

We then moved to the boardroom on the 12th floor where we enjoyed a light breakfast and some coffee before getting hard to work on our company strategy for 2014.


We had 3 presentations, several brainstorming sessions, as well as a round table discussion to really get the most out of the entire team. We thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic discussion and had a chance to reflect on the past year which included discussing our shortcomings and suggesting improvements as well as celebrating our triumphs and successes.


Afterwards we headed to Le Sauvage for a decadent 3 course meal which we enjoyed in the presence of some stunning views.


And finally, our creative director held an impromptu awards ceremony where each of our team members was presented with a unique and quirky award to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to Obai & Hill in 2013.


We look forward to planning our next offsite and a wonderful year ahead!

Introducing the Alia Approved Burger at Burger Lounge


Burger Lounge is excited to announce its newest limited edition celebrity burger: The Alia Approved Burger. Designed by acclaimed Bahraini nutritionist and author Alia Almoayed,  the burger is made of fresh ingredients that are handpicked with your health and appetite in mind. The patty,  served in a crispy fresh lettuce wrap,  is made of a delectable and filling combination of veggies,  lentils,  brown rice and a fusion of Indian inspired spices., Gluten free, dairy free and entirely vegan,  the Alia Approved burger is a perfect way to enjoy Burger Lounge’s trademark deliciously indulgent burger while remaining absolutely guilt free.

Let us know what you think of our latest creation using the #aliaapproved and #celebburger hashtags!

Logo Design Competition Winner: Obai & Hill

We recently participated in a logo design competition hosted by Arab Architects Architects Institute & Network, a society called ‘AIN, through which they mentioned the things to keep in mind while designing the logo, which include that the letter ‘ع’ in Arabic & the letters in English should be together. The logo should also contain something that unites Arabs in all Arabic countries such as: language, culture, architectural element, natural environment existing in all countries – Arab countries here are defined as all countries in the Arab League – the logo should be professional, inspired from the Arabic environment yet contemporary & modern.


For our concept, we have decided to use the Arabic letter ‘ain as our main focus. We created two different logos using the letter with an added element to each. A blue variation was added because blue is popular in Mosques due to its calming nature. This logo relates to architecture and the shape and silhouette of buildings and incorporating it in the ‘ain.

New Client: Bahrain Flour Mills

We are excited to be working on the corporate re-brand for a company who has worked it’s way into our hearts and stomachs from way back when – Bahrain Flour Mills Company!


Company History

Bahrain Flour Mills Company B.S.C. is a Bahraini public shareholding company registered with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in the Kingdom of Bahrain and operates under commercial registration number 1170 obtained on 16 July 1970. The Bahrain Flour Mills Company was incorporated under an Amiri decree dated 9 May 1970 for a period of 50 years. The company commenced commercial operations on 01 May 1972.The principal activities of the company are the import of wheat, the production of wheat flour and related products which are sold to the Bahraini market (where all auto bakeries, hotels, restaurants, super- and hypermarkets rely on it) and to foreign export markets.





New Client: The Yard Kuwait

We are super psyched to be working with one of the coolest initiatives to come out of Kuwait – The Yard.

The Yard is a design-based shop featuring eclectic, vintage, and up-cycled products. Starting as an online shop in early 2010 with a select number of products, The Yard recently open its doors in early 2013 in collaboration with a cafe, making it the first lifestyle cafe and shop in the city.

Run by graphic designers, The Yard also produces limited edition pieces, and provides graphic design services, namely branding, custom stationery designs, and packaging design. With a focus on concept-driven designs, The Yard initiates all projects by understanding the client’s vision and requirements.


The Yard Website

Click here to visit their website where you can shop their quirky product line and find out  more about their work.