Life Enhancing Courses with Kelly Armatage

Kelly Armatage is an internationally renowned life coach, focused and qualified in providing Counselling, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions, Meditation Classes, Self Development Workshops and Corporate Training in Bahrain and globally. Not only is Kelly often booked to speak publicly at events, she also runs Seminars and Workshops that facilitate significant change for attendees on a personal, emotional, professional and spiritual level.

MindSet LeafletAs part of The 2014 MindSet, Kelly Armatage is running some Life Enhancing Courses. The Menu consists of a range of courses, all targeting different aspects of personal development from meditation to supercharging your mind and body:

The Essential Meditation Course

The Ultimate Entrepreneur & Career Training

The Explosive Relationship Course

The “Super Charge Your Health” Course

Book a course before March 10th and receive a free one to one coaching session.

Book now at, or call +973 39931399 or +973 17002320 to start enhancing your life with the help of Kelly Armatage, whether it be professionally or personally.

Bahrain Yacht Club Announces Spring Regatta!


The Bahrain Yacht Club has announced the dates for it’s most highly anticipated event of the year, the Spring Regatta. The Regatta, which promises to unite members of the  sailing community as well as the boating and water sports enthusiasts from all around the island will be held on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of April.

The races taking place will be as follows:

  •       Multihull Fleet (Hobies)
  •       Dinghy Fleet
  •       Keelboat Fleet – Fast Fleet
  •       Keelboat Fleet – Slow fleet
  •       Youth fleet – Under 18’s

The regatta will be an open day at the club and non-members are welcome to join in the fun. A wide variety of fun family activities will be running throughout the day, in addition to a delicious beach barbeque as well as live music.

The races are available for registration via the Water Sports centre which can be reached by calling 17700766. For more information e-mail or visit their website here.

Maki Introduces The Amina Maki


The Amina Maki is the latest addition to Maki’s extensive menu. The Amina Maki is a collaboration between Amina Al Abbasi and Maki. A self-taught artist, Amina has been developing her artistic style while branching out to a full product line ranging from phone covers to handbags. Her art embraces traditional themes of Arab culture combined with a contemporary twist, similar to her collaboration with Maki.

The Amina Maki is an explosion of flavors for one’s taste buds, with a variety of ingredients that will suit everyone’s palettes. The Amina Maki incorporates fresh salmon, fresh white fish, avocado, shrimp tempura, rice, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and the award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Lastly, the maki is sprinkled with Japanese spices and green tea powder. As a final touch, the raw fish in the maki is torched, which enhances the flavors and brings out the juices that are hidden inside the fish.

The concept is to portray a vibrant artistic maki with a variety of flavors. In addition, the maki exudes Amina Al Abbasi’s creative personality, which is essential in namesake dishes. The Amina Maki will officially added to Maki’s diverse menu.

We had the pleasure of organizing the launch event – where Amina’s closest family and friends joined the celebration of unveiling The Amina Maki.

1898051_778758632152853_44205125_n 1920203_778758758819507_862256589_n 1978769_778758818819501_1098522486_n 1982350_778758552152861_1508562442_n 1926641_778758678819515_794228161_n 1958541_778759278819455_1919957254_n 1970406_778759395486110_2027698556_n 1899992_778759612152755_2055336487_n 1779150_778760075486042_998245465_n 1779789_778759165486133_1407540266_n 1798839_778760478819335_1665294679_n 1891149_778759108819472_1197401400_n 1979665_778759425486107_633042370_n 1982208_778759662152750_879602915_n

Visit Maki at World Trade Center to try the Amina Maki – which is not only visually beautiful, but will excite your taste buds!

Burger Lounge Launches “AliaApproved” Burger


Burger Lounge has launched its very first Local Celebrity Burger Campaign opening with the “AliaApproved” Burger. Designed by acclaimed Bahraini nutritionist and author Alia Almoayed, the burger is made of fresh ingredients that are handpicked with your health and appetite in mind. The patty, served in a crispy fresh lettuce wrap, is made of a delectable and filling combination of veggies, lentils, brown rise and a fusion of Indian inspired spices. Gluten-free, dairy-free and entirely vegan, the “AliaApproved” burger is a perfect way to enjoy Burger Lounge’s trademark deliciously indulgent burger while remaining absolutely guilt-free.

On Wednesday, January 22nd, a launch event was held to introduce the burger to members of the press, bloggers, and Alia Almoayed’s dearest family and friends. Tasters of the burger were offered to the guests, who raved about the delicious, distinctive taste. The “AliaApproved” Burger will be available at Burger Lounge for a limited time only.

Below are photos from the memorable event!

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 4.27.14 PM Group Pic 1016173_670018353035724_379150824_n 1496780_670018213035738_95736910_n 1511675_670018476369045_865104981_n 905310_670018666369026_765612453_o

EVENT: Vapiano Ladies Night

Vapiano Ladies Night

You’re all invited to an exciting event we are planning for Vapiano on Sunday, February 16th, from 7 to 9 pm. The Founder of The Make-up Manual and Bahrain’s very own beauty guru, Mai Almoayed, joins Vapiano in hosting its first Ladies’ Night in Bahrain. The event ticket is only 8 BD, which will include a beauty talk, where Mai will share how eating healthy can have an influence on make-up ready skin, an exclusive tour of the kitchen, and dinner (drink, main course and dessert).

Ladies, join us for a night of beauty, unwinding, and delicious food!

Bahrain Yacht Club Annual Autumn Regatta





The Bahrain Yacht Club held its annual Autumn Regatta on the 22nd of November 2013. The highly anticipated event united Bahrain’s sailing community as well as the boating and water sports enthusiasts from all around the island. The regatta was also open to non-members who were interested to gain insight into the exhilarating world of sail racing. A wide variety of fun family activities took please including a beach volleyball tournament, a Petanque competition and kayaking in the lagoon. Outdoor games such as a sandcastle competition was held and a bouncing castle for children to enjoy their time. In the spirit of the perfect outdoor weather, a barbeque was available on the beach and a DJ and live band kept guests entertained throughout.


The Autumn Regatta that was proudly sponsored by DHL and Royal Dahlman also included a competition where sailors competed for the title of “Autumn Regatta Champion”. The competition consisted of four races over the course of the day: two adult races and two junior races and prizes were awarded to the skipper and the crewmembers. The adult races comprised on Cruiser Yachts, Multi hulls and dinghies while the junior races included dinghies. Each category in each race division was awarded with a “placed” trophy or medal to congratulate them for their spirit and efforts. Winners were also presented with a token as a keep safe of the competition.

The regatta, as usual, was a fun day out for the whole family and the live action out on the water was indeed fed back to the shore.

Obai and Hill supported Bahrain Yacht Club’s Autumn Regatta on the event day by inviting the Bahraini press to cover the event and attended

Visit Bahrain Yacht Club’s website by clicking here.



EVENT: The Make-up Maki Launch

The Make-up Maki Product Shot

On Thursday, November 21, we organized an event to launch The Make-up Maki, a collaboration between Maki and The Make-up Manual. The Make-up Maki is the latest addition to Maki’s extensive menu. Maki approached Mai Almoayed, Bahrain’s very own make-up guru who is also a make-up artist. She founded The Make-up Manual and hosts professional classes to educate women about make-up and skincare. Maki approached Mai to design her own maki.

The Make-up Maki is an explosion of flavors for one’s taste buds, with ingredients that create a harmony of decadent taste. The Make-up Maki incorporates tempura prawn, avocado, rice pearl, wasabi flakes, drizzled extra virgin olive oil, topped with chopped tempura, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrots, thakwan, spring onion, and lastly, a drizzle of mango and strawberry sauce.

The concept of the maki is to portray the beauty of make-up and colorful palettes, with a surprising twist of flavorful ingredients. In addition, the vibrant maki reflects Almoayed’s lively and fun personality, which is essential in namesake dishes.

Visit Maki at World Trade Center to try The Make-up Maki – which is not only visually beautiful, but will excite your taste buds!

Below are images of the dinner where The Make-up Maki was carefully selected, the kitchen rolling of the maki, and the private event:

Group Photo Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.23.57 AM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 12.51.03 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 12.53.24 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 4.56.05 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.10.55 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.43.51 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 3.54.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 4.57.19 PM Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 5.08.30 PM

Event Photography by Dana Khalid

EVENT: Fourth Edition of Autumn/Winter ’13 Riyadh Fashion Days


Maison Bo-M Galeries is going to cele- brate the 4th edition of the Riyadh Fashion Days (R.F.D) to present the new AW13 collections of Regional designers from the 11th till 14th of November 2013.

RFD is dedicated to women’s ready to wear, evening wear, Abaya, fine jewelry and fash- ion jewelry, bags, shoes and Hair accesso- ries.

The RFD has already participated to the debuts of many brands as RAZAN ALAZ- ZOUNI, LUM, SOTRA or Fyunka and will welcome a fine selection of a new pool of talented designers from the Region.

Maison Bo-M Galeries will organize fashion shows during the fashion days and invite press & buyers to promote and develop the local fashion industry in the Region.

The participating designers will have the opportunity to sell their catwalk collection on the spot during the event, discover the Saudi fashion scene and get to know the Saudi bloggers.

The RFD is a response to the increasing number of local designers with a passion for fashion and beauty and looking for a career in fashion.

Maison Bo-M Galeries serves as an incuba- tor to support the Regional creative talents and is now looking to expand this project into a recognized fashion organization supported by the government to be represented abroad.

The 4th edition of Riyadh Fashion Days will showcase over 25 brands from the Middle East; the fashion exhibition will end on January 31, 2014.

Ladies only are welcome to attend the fashion shows.

Tickets are sold at Maison Bo-M Boutique in Nujoud Mall: SR 150 per day, SR400 for 4 days.


For any more information, please contact: Faris Alshehri, Founder and Managing Director
T +966 1 12021205 ext. 1333

M +966 50 9006007 E-mail:

EVENT: Gloss Thinks Pink

On Monday, October 21st, we coordinated a collaborative event between Gloss Salon & Spa and Think Pink to raise awareness about breast cancer. With the rise of diagnosed women in Bahrain and the GCC, Gloss Salon & Spa and Think Pink aim to educate women about this issue and highlight the importance of early detection. During this annual event, there was a talk by Dr. Samia Costandi, a two-time breast cancer survivor. She spoke about her experience with breast cancer, and how she dealt with it. She emphasized on the importance of regular check-ups, which is essential.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 7.18.17 PM

Dr. Samia Costandi, a Canadian of Palestinian origin, has a doctorate in the area of philosophy of education. With twenty-five years of experience in higher education, Dr. Costandi currently teaches at Ahlia University and directs the Centre for Measurement and Evaluation. Dr. Costandi was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, where she was operated on twice in the months of April and June. She received treatment over seven months from August 2003 until February 2004 and went into remission. Fortunately, after undergoing a mastectomy, she has been cancer-free ever since.

_MG_0763 smallerAfter Dr. Costandi’s speech, there was a live auction of exclusive products, which included handbags, tea sets, cosmetic cases, and paintings by a Bahraini artist. There was an exciting bidding war on a few of the auction items – just what we hoped! The auction items caught the audience’s attention and most of the items were sold. The proceeds of the event were donated to Think Pink. We were please to organize this event for Gloss Salon & Spa with Think Pink to raise awareness about breast cancer and to support a worthy cause.

Here are more photos of the memorable event:

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 7.03.45 PM _MG_0932 small _MG_0674 smaller _MG_0676 smaller _MG_0718 smaller _MG_0723 smaller _MG_0731 smaller _MG_0811 smaller _MG_0839 smaller _MG_0785 smaller _MG_0904 smaller _MG_0909 smaller

Photography by Dana Khalid

Zayan the Label at Fashion Forward

The second season of Fashion Forward came to a close on Friday October 18th with the Zayan the Label Fashion Show. Here are the details of the event:

The Collection:

Zayan Ghandour’s 5th collection is entitled Dream a little. Love a lot.  It is about the girl who floats through life in soft, dainty fabrics and coquettish cuts, weaving an ethereal landscape wherever she goes through signature narratives, intricate embroidery and flirty fluted hems.  She may get hurt along the way, (hence the blinged plasters J)  but that never stops her from dreaming, and loving.

The Palette:

The palette is soft, delicate, effortlessly dreamy.  Lightweight neoprene in meringue whites teamed with silver metallic and confetti pastel speck rafia fabrics. Neon coral and nude guipure lace.

The Silhouette:

The silhouette is, as always, girly, feminine, playful, irreverent.  Sheer paneling adorning mini ­dresses, fitted metallic and guipure bodices teamed with midi pleated skirts and cape back details, drop waisted shifts finished with coquettish gathered ruffles.

Signature motifs:

This season debuts 2 signature motifs. The sweeping swallow tulle cutout glides through the sleeves and hems of shift dresses, underlays of full bodied skirts, and wispy cascading trains of fitted tops, while the Kiss it Better dusty pink, coral and metallic silver lips motif is featured both in print as well as embroidery on nude and navy organza dresses, coats and tiered peplum hems as well as clutches, iPad cases, wallets and bum bags (expected to be make a big comeback next season).

The production:

Zayan Ghandour wanted to create an upbeat, light and playful world that her collection could inhabit. Real grass strewn with white roses and hydrangeas, lined either side of the catwalk while a custom-made mirrored staircase was centred at the top.

The first outing:

The first outing consisted of six models in white robes, when taken off revealed identical mini dresses in the six main fabrics or prints of the collection.

The music:

The show opened with “Let’s Dream”, an original song recorded and produced in Dubai especially for the collection, and was followed by a series of upbeat covers and remixes of popular songs including Tiga’s remix of Nelly’s “Hot in Here” (which was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the blinged plasters).


Here are some pictures from the show:

zayan-003 zayan-016 zayan-006 zayan-005 zayan-007zayan-010


Here are also some backstage pictures from the show:


sit_2186 sit_2500 sit_2170