Wafa Al Obaidat

Founder & Creative Director

Wafa Alobaidat’s aim has always been to bridge the gap between young and innovative artists and their potential clients.

She began her career working with renowned fashion designer Liza Bruce and her husband, interior designer and artist, Nicholas Bruce. She learnt all the aspects of the fashion business while she was still a student at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London.

She was mentored by the design duo and was working on sales, PR, buying, window displays and pricing, Wafa assisted on all aspects of running of the business. After graduating Wafa went on to create her own blog, Fashion Ambitions, where she documented her work experiences assisting Marko Matysik Editor of Big/Show Magazine, one of the editors at Vogue Nippon, working with On/Off, publishing her work with Prim and Borderline magazine and generally working in fashion journalism.

In 2009 Wafa created Sketchbook Magazine, the fastest growing digital illustration magazine in Europe. With more than 10,000 print-on-demand print copies sold, 6,900 PDFs, and 75,000 online views of Sketchbook the Fashion Blogger Issue was the critically acclaimed first issue, dedicated to fashion blogging.

The Sketchbook pop-up shop was a major success with Wafa’s mission of creating a space for young and emerging artists to meet with. In 2005 Kashka, the award winning online conceptual magazine won appraise from ECCA and London College of Communication which went on to create a series of briefs by Creative Director Wafa Al Obaidat.

Zahra Kazerooni

Business Manager

As one of the integral parts of Obai and Hill Zahra plays a large role to determine the company's future and success. Behind the scenes, cog wheels turn daily to ensure Obai and Hill's smooth operation. With a strong background in Accounting and Finance from Ahlia University and current enrollment in an ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), Zahra is fully prepared to take any business challenge that Obai and Hill may face. Since joining the company in February 2013, Zahra's scope has ranged from overseeing daily accounts and finances to assisting in the procurement of investments.

When she isn't busy crunching the numbers, Zahra enjoys honing her skills as a talented sketch artist, reading and cooking a storm in the kitchen.

Yaser Ali

Digital Developer

Yaser presents one of the most dynamic additions to the agency’s arsenal, as he is young and very ambitious. His fruitful endeavors along his career path led him to join the prestigious team, striving to become nothing less than the best Swiss Army Knife in his field.

His inspirations and motivations come from standing on the shoulders of giants of the IT world. Striving to deliver state of the art quality technology to the clients and the agency with a keen eye for detail, he yearns to develop himself and excel in whatever he learns.

His passion comes from programming and working through generic lines of code, rather than utilizing common user interfaces to deliver the functionalities of his work. He sets his gaze upon nothing lower than the highest, and aims to become well known among his acquaintances.

Nada El Barshoumi

Account Manager

Nada is a self-described budding “digital creative” who constantly strives to strike the perfect balance between technical know-how and innovation. Having always gravitated towards both technology and design from a young age, she went on to study Digital Media Technology at Nottingham Trent University in the UK where she honed her skills in graphics, multimedia and digital design and graduated with honours as well as an award for outstanding achievement in Information Technology.

During her time at university, she kick-started her career by pursuing several internships with high profile agencies both in her hometown of Bahrain and in the UK, as well as a yearlong work placement with Xerox Ltd. in London. Through her studies and work experience she became well versed in the fields of web, 3D, multimedia and user interface design as well as online and digital marketing.

In the summer of 2012 Nada joined the Obai and Hill team temporarily where she quickly exceeded expectations and gleaned the coveted title of “Super Intern”.

Shortly after her graduation, Nada was invited to join Obai and Hill full-time, and has been an integral part of the team ever since working on a variety of projects from branding and identity design for regional clients to marketing and advertising for local businesses in addition to managing and editing Sketchbook Magazine. More so than anything, Nada is passionate about the power of great design and hopes to become an ambassador for creativity and innovation within a region that is yet to appreciate the true value of creative arts.

Sara Abdul Ghaffar

PR & Events Coordinator

Sara Abdul Ghaffar found her passion for organizing events in high school. An essential member of her school’s Student Congress, she realized she had a skill for organizing and promoting events. During high school, Sara was active in various extracurricular activities, which made her well- rounded and willing to learn new skills. She is ambitious and has always been optimistic.

Sara went on to study Public Relations with Events Management at London College of Communication, at the University of the Arts London. While studying, she gained work experience in the events industry. Through her studies and work experience, Sara has become knowledgeable about the world of PR, events and social media. Currently, Sara is undertaking a professional certificate in The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) while working at Obai & Hill. She joined the Obai & Hill team in January 2013 and has been enjoying every minute of it.

Dunia Mudara

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Growing up with an interest in the unique blend of human psychology and business, Dunia took up a Marketing degree knowing it would pave the way to her ideal career. A recent graduate of Marketing & Management, she completed her degree between Bahrain and the American University in Washington D.C. Quickly taking a liking to consumer behavior and branding, she excelled in both at university and conducted her graduation research paper on the budding branding trends in the region and continues to monitor and study the science and psychology behind brands around the world.

Looking to sharpen her corporate communication skills, Dunia took up multiple sales and PR internships with the likes of the Bahrain International Circuit during the Formula 1 Grand Prix season in her hometown Bahrain and a marketing and rebranding internship at Transcend Academy in Washington D.C., quickly learning that she was a natural people's person.

Infected with the Social Media fever, Dunia is passionate about establishing and maintaining the agency clients' online presence through carefully tailored messages guaranteeing successful communication, leaving a great impression on their respective target audience.

Dunia first started as an intern at Obai and Hill during her final year of college and was soon invited to join the agency full-time after an evaluation of her knowledge, skill, passion, and dedication to her position.

Hana Bushehri

Digital Designer

Hana's passion for art and design manifested at a very young age. Being a natural introvert, she took to drawing as her preferred outlet of self expression and enjoyed it immensely. Following her graduation, she decided to further pursue her passion and moved to Melbourne, Australia to study design at Monash College.

During her foundation studies she explored several areas of creative expression including drawing, sculpture, painting, art theory and design. Through her studies and personal work she was able to establish an extensive portfolio for each. After receiving her Diploma in Arts and Design in May 2010 she then went on to Monash University to complete a Bachelors of Arts degree in Visual Communications where she honed her skills in graphic design, illustration and typography.

Hana took it upon herself to gain work experience at several local events companies and agencies including J. Walter Thompson before joining Obai & Hill as a junior designer in July 2013.


Obai & Hill is a PR and Design agency, made up of young emerging creatives in the design, PR and marketing fields based in Bahrain. The agency first came to life in 2010 as the brainchild of creative director and founder Wafa Alobaidat, whose creative consulting services were in high demand in the UK after her online publication, Sketchbook Magazine, became an overnight success. Much like a proud mother, the agency’s namesake is attributed to it’s owner as well as the place of it’s inception – Notting Hill. Obai & Hill has since relocated to Bahrain to meet the needs of their GCC client base, and continues to offer bespoke services and creative solutions - with a twist.


We aim to become pioneers of creative design and consulting services in the GCC and Middle East. We welcome all problems and take on any brief – we believe there’s a creative solution for everything.

We strive to collaborate and work with as many young innovative local talents as possible in an effort to highlight the region as the thriving hotspot for arts, culture and creativity that it is.


WE ARE NOT your average design agency – so don’t expect anything normal.

WE ARE NOT afraid to take risks – in fact, we kind of relish them.

WE ARE always pushing the boundaries of our own creativity – if it’s not innovative we’re not doing our job right.

WE ARE adamant about elevating the design standards in the GCC.


We believe that our radical approach and innovative ideas can provide our clients with the unique competitive edge they need to stand out in the current market place.