Arab Architect

Brief & Outcome

Obai and Hill participated in and won a design competition hosted by Arab Architects Architects Institute & Network,  a society called ‘AIN. The brief stipulated to keep this abbreiviation in mind while designing the logo,  in addition to the inclusion of the letter ‘ع’ in Arabic & the letters in English. The brief also stated that the logo must also contain something that unites Arabs in all Arabic countries such as: language,  culture,  architectural element,  natural environment existing in all countries – Arab countries here are defined as all countries in the Arab League – the requested logo was something that is professional,  inspired from the Arabic environment yet contemporary & modern.
For our concept,  we have decided to use the Arabic letter ‘ain as our main focus. We created two different logos using the letter with an added element to each. A blue variation was added because blue is popular in Mosques due to its calming nature. This logo relates to architecture and the shape and silhouette of buildings and incorporating it in the ‘ain.


Services Rendered