Introducing the Alia Approved Burger at Burger Lounge


Burger Lounge is excited to announce its newest limited edition celebrity burger: The Alia Approved Burger. Designed by acclaimed Bahraini nutritionist and author Alia Almoayed,  the burger is made of fresh ingredients that are handpicked with your health and appetite in mind. The patty,  served in a crispy fresh lettuce wrap,  is made of a delectable and filling combination of veggies,  lentils,  brown rice and a fusion of Indian inspired spices., Gluten free, dairy free and entirely vegan,  the Alia Approved burger is a perfect way to enjoy Burger Lounge’s trademark deliciously indulgent burger while remaining absolutely guilt free.

Let us know what you think of our latest creation using the #aliaapproved and #celebburger hashtags!