EVENT: Healthy Fasting Workshop at Organic Foods & Cafe with Muneera Obaidli

IMG_2136Obai & Hill organized a Healthy Fasting Workshop with Holistic Health Coach Muneera Obaidli at Organic Foods & Café. On a Saturday morning, a group of people attended the Healthy Fasting Workshop. Muneera Obaidli educated the attendees about the various methods one can be healthy during the Holy Month of Ramadan. She recommends that one should drink 2 liters of water mixed with 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt because it helps with dehydration. In addition, she recommends to avoid caffeine and sugar to curb cravings.

Muneera Obaidli demonstrated her Super Probiotic Green Smoothie and cups were passed out to the attendees. In addition, Muneera’s Ramadan Detox Soup was also passed out to the attendees to test. The recipes were handed out at the end of the event. Ameera Al Hammadi won a basket filled with products from Organic Foods & Cafe and Vida. Mariam Al Mansoori won a voucher for Muneera’s 10 Day Vegan Fast Program worth BD 111. The event was a success – all of the attendees were eager to learn more tips and wrote down notes throughout the workshop!

IMG_2124 muneera and winners