Logo Design Competition Winner: Obai & Hill

We recently participated in a logo design competition hosted by Arab Architects Architects Institute & Network, a society called ‘AIN, through which they mentioned the things to keep in mind while designing the logo, which include that the letter ‘ع’ in Arabic & the letters in English should be together. The logo should also contain something that unites Arabs in all Arabic countries such as: language, culture, architectural element, natural environment existing in all countries – Arab countries here are defined as all countries in the Arab League – the logo should be professional, inspired from the Arabic environment yet contemporary & modern.


For our concept, we have decided to use the Arabic letter ‘ain as our main focus. We created two different logos using the letter with an added element to each. A blue variation was added because blue is popular in Mosques due to its calming nature. This logo relates to architecture and the shape and silhouette of buildings and incorporating it in the ‘ain.

EVENT: Fourth Edition of Autumn/Winter ’13 Riyadh Fashion Days


Maison Bo-M Galeries is going to cele- brate the 4th edition of the Riyadh Fashion Days (R.F.D) to present the new AW13 collections of Regional designers from the 11th till 14th of November 2013.

RFD is dedicated to women’s ready to wear, evening wear, Abaya, fine jewelry and fash- ion jewelry, bags, shoes and Hair accesso- ries.

The RFD has already participated to the debuts of many brands as RAZAN ALAZ- ZOUNI, LUM, SOTRA or Fyunka and will welcome a fine selection of a new pool of talented designers from the Region.

Maison Bo-M Galeries will organize fashion shows during the fashion days and invite press & buyers to promote and develop the local fashion industry in the Region.

The participating designers will have the opportunity to sell their catwalk collection on the spot during the event, discover the Saudi fashion scene and get to know the Saudi bloggers.

The RFD is a response to the increasing number of local designers with a passion for fashion and beauty and looking for a career in fashion.

Maison Bo-M Galeries serves as an incuba- tor to support the Regional creative talents and is now looking to expand this project into a recognized fashion organization supported by the government to be represented abroad.

The 4th edition of Riyadh Fashion Days will showcase over 25 brands from the Middle East; the fashion exhibition will end on January 31, 2014.

Ladies only are welcome to attend the fashion shows.

Tickets are sold at Maison Bo-M Boutique in Nujoud Mall: SR 150 per day, SR400 for 4 days.


For any more information, please contact: Faris Alshehri, Founder and Managing Director
T +966 1 12021205 ext. 1333

M +966 50 9006007 E-mail: faris@aok.com.sa

EVENT: Gloss Thinks Pink

On Monday, October 21st, we coordinated a collaborative event between Gloss Salon & Spa and Think Pink to raise awareness about breast cancer. With the rise of diagnosed women in Bahrain and the GCC, Gloss Salon & Spa and Think Pink aim to educate women about this issue and highlight the importance of early detection. During this annual event, there was a talk by Dr. Samia Costandi, a two-time breast cancer survivor. She spoke about her experience with breast cancer, and how she dealt with it. She emphasized on the importance of regular check-ups, which is essential.

Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 7.18.17 PM

Dr. Samia Costandi, a Canadian of Palestinian origin, has a doctorate in the area of philosophy of education. With twenty-five years of experience in higher education, Dr. Costandi currently teaches at Ahlia University and directs the Centre for Measurement and Evaluation. Dr. Costandi was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, where she was operated on twice in the months of April and June. She received treatment over seven months from August 2003 until February 2004 and went into remission. Fortunately, after undergoing a mastectomy, she has been cancer-free ever since.

_MG_0763 smallerAfter Dr. Costandi’s speech, there was a live auction of exclusive products, which included handbags, tea sets, cosmetic cases, and paintings by a Bahraini artist. There was an exciting bidding war on a few of the auction items – just what we hoped! The auction items caught the audience’s attention and most of the items were sold. The proceeds of the event were donated to Think Pink. We were please to organize this event for Gloss Salon & Spa with Think Pink to raise awareness about breast cancer and to support a worthy cause.

Here are more photos of the memorable event:

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Photography by Dana Khalid