Bahrain Yacht Club Annual Autumn Regatta





The Bahrain Yacht Club held its annual Autumn Regatta on the 22nd of November 2013. The highly anticipated event united Bahrain’s sailing community as well as the boating and water sports enthusiasts from all around the island. The regatta was also open to non-members who were interested to gain insight into the exhilarating world of sail racing. A wide variety of fun family activities took please including a beach volleyball tournament, a Petanque competition and kayaking in the lagoon. Outdoor games such as a sandcastle competition was held and a bouncing castle for children to enjoy their time. In the spirit of the perfect outdoor weather, a barbeque was available on the beach and a DJ and live band kept guests entertained throughout.


The Autumn Regatta that was proudly sponsored by DHL and Royal Dahlman also included a competition where sailors competed for the title of “Autumn Regatta Champion”. The competition consisted of four races over the course of the day: two adult races and two junior races and prizes were awarded to the skipper and the crewmembers. The adult races comprised on Cruiser Yachts, Multi hulls and dinghies while the junior races included dinghies. Each category in each race division was awarded with a “placed” trophy or medal to congratulate them for their spirit and efforts. Winners were also presented with a token as a keep safe of the competition.

The regatta, as usual, was a fun day out for the whole family and the live action out on the water was indeed fed back to the shore.

Obai and Hill supported Bahrain Yacht Club’s Autumn Regatta on the event day by inviting the Bahraini press to cover the event and attended

Visit Bahrain Yacht Club’s website by clicking here.



Obai & Hill Corporate Offsite 2013


We were honored to be hosted by the fantastic staff at The Domain Hotel Bahrain for our first corporate offsite this year.


We started our day with a yoga session led by one of our account managers to rejuvenate ourselves and get a good long stretch! Second, we began discussing the projects we worked on during the year of 2013. photo_22

We then moved to the boardroom on the 12th floor where we enjoyed a light breakfast and some coffee before getting hard to work on our company strategy for 2014.


We had 3 presentations, several brainstorming sessions, as well as a round table discussion to really get the most out of the entire team. We thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic discussion and had a chance to reflect on the past year which included discussing our shortcomings and suggesting improvements as well as celebrating our triumphs and successes.


Afterwards we headed to Le Sauvage for a decadent 3 course meal which we enjoyed in the presence of some stunning views.


And finally, our creative director held an impromptu awards ceremony where each of our team members was presented with a unique and quirky award to acknowledge their hard work and commitment to Obai & Hill in 2013.


We look forward to planning our next offsite and a wonderful year ahead!

Introducing the Alia Approved Burger at Burger Lounge


Burger Lounge is excited to announce its newest limited edition celebrity burger: The Alia Approved Burger. Designed by acclaimed Bahraini nutritionist and author Alia Almoayed,  the burger is made of fresh ingredients that are handpicked with your health and appetite in mind. The patty,  served in a crispy fresh lettuce wrap,  is made of a delectable and filling combination of veggies,  lentils,  brown rice and a fusion of Indian inspired spices., Gluten free, dairy free and entirely vegan,  the Alia Approved burger is a perfect way to enjoy Burger Lounge’s trademark deliciously indulgent burger while remaining absolutely guilt free.

Let us know what you think of our latest creation using the #aliaapproved and #celebburger hashtags!