Faiza Saeed, Bahrain’s First Mosaic Artist


Faiza Saeed is the first artist in Bahrain to focus on the craft of mosaic design. When she was younger, Faiza was constantly experimenting with various art forms until she discovered mosaic art while visiting museums in Britain, Italy and Spain. Her love for mosaic deepened when she met and learned from legendary British mosaic artist Emma Biggs in London. Finding her passion in mosaic made her realize that a person doesn’t have to be an excellent painter or illustrator to be an artist.



On Thursday the 17th of July the beauty and authenticity of Faiza’s work was celebrated at Enma mall for her launch at Moods, being the first local designer to be stocked there. Selected aesthetic pieces were presented with a twist as they will be mixed and matched with the furniture at the store. The beauty of this collaboration is highlighted as Moods itself is a local enterprise that has taken the initiative to embrace other local businesses.



Faiza’s mission is to spread the art of mosaics in Bahrain. She wants to beautify her native Bahrain by adding pops of color with mosaics everywhere. In addition, mosaics are the most durable art form because they can withstand Bahrain’s hot summer months, as well as wind and rain in the winter months. Faiza continues to experiment with mosaics, first on tables and wall pieces, as well as coffee tables and pots. Faiza continues to sell her work in markets, at exhibitions, and conducts weekly classes for beginners.

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Obai and Hill is proud to represent Faiza Saeed Mosaics as one of our clients. For more information on classes and to make orders / any high res images of work / organize interview contact us info@faizasaeedmosaic.com or on 39937669



Website Links        http://www.faizasaeedmosaic.com/



VYU Studios – Shaking up the photography experience in Bahrain!

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Vyu Studios is a high-end professional photography and videography studio, founded based on a mission to revolutionize the photography experience in Bahrain. A far cry from the average 15-minute photography studio, Vyu Studios boasts a fully outfitted studio in the heart of Riffa. They first opened their doors in 2011 and have been dedicated to providing exemplary service and truly elevating the local standards of photography ever since.

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The founders drew their inspiration from an unsatisfactory experience with international, as well as local, photographers, and wanted to provide a service that was reliable, trustworthy and high quality. Hence, the types of equipment used are a wide variety of advance technologies that encompasses full HD video cameras, HDSLR cameras, in house printing facilities, and a blue ray option for its videos.


“Our vision is to enhance the photography business in the Kingdom through usage of advanced technology, a staff that enjoys a high quality of service and an eye for capturing the good times in a special occasion, to keep as a visual memory for years to come” Said one of the founders during a visit to their studio.

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Vyu Studios specializes in weddings, engagement, as well as Henna parties. It’s qualified staff is trained to start coverage as soon as wedding preparations begin, covering every minor detail, reflecting the luxury and thinking out of the box for creative angles. However, this does not stop the ambitious founders from widening the range of expertise to cover other events such as launching events, birthdays and collaborate with local initiatives, such as fashion designer Reem Buqais, for The Bow Tie Project, as well as local designer by Farah and international food chain Vapiano.


Vyu Studios embodies the leadership in Bahraini citizens to take initiative and work by values such as experience, efficiency, perfection in service and most importantly protection of client interests through embracing their privacy.

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To see some of the studio’s work, follow them on instagram @vyustudios, or Facebook: VYU Studios. For further details on the services they provide, call +973 1777 0323 or visit Villa 973, Block 915, 1516 Road No 1516, Riffa, during the hours between 10:00 am – 6:30 pm Monday to Thursday, 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm on Saturday, and 10:00 am – 6:30 pm on Sunday, where their friendly staff would be more than delighted to assist you. 

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Melanie Sarginson: Reiki Bahrain



Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing technique that involves the laying-on of hands in a series of specific hand positions corresponding to the major organs and energy centres in the body.

Acting on a physical, mental and emotional level, Reiki promotes relaxation and inner peace, restores order to the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced and heals a wide range of ailments, from stress to migraines. Reiki works well with other healing modalities for example Reflexology, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing and Homeopathy.

Melanie Sarginson offers Reiki treatments and teaches Reiki in Bahrain in three different systems – Usui Reiki Ryoho, Karuna Reiki and Jikiden Reiki. According to Sarginson, “Anyone can learn to use Reiki. It is very simple. Through an energetic empowerment procedure called an ‘attunement’ the teacher empowers the student to use Reiki for healing of self and others. From that moment on the student has Reiki. It stays with them for life.”

Reiki can help you to discover who you really are as well as enables you to heal yourself and others on a physical and emotional level. The courses offered by Sarginson are wonderfully unique, inspirational and an enlightening journey of self- discovery that can change your life forever. Also, she chooses to run small classes to keep the training more personal. Comprehensive manuals and post-course support are included.

Her treatment room is located on Amwaj island, Bahrain.

For any further information please contact:melanie323@gmail.com

Telephone: +973 39330911


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The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class: Sheer attraction

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Bahrain – The all-new C-Class heralds a new chapter in the Mercedes-Benz success story and sets new standards in the premium medium-size category. In terms of appearance, the new C-Class adopts a progressive approach with its clear yet emotional design and its high-class interior. Many innovations and equipment features underscore the Saloon’s energising comfort and refined sportiness. A host of new assistance systems offers safety of the highest standard, while a new optional air-sprung suspension provides for exemplary ride and driving comfort as well as nimble and agile handling.  Thanks to an intelligent lightweight-design concept boasting weight savings of up to 100 kilograms, excellent aerodynamics and new economical engines, the C-Class establishes new efficiency benchmarks in its segment. In all, the high-class appeal of the new C-Class feels like an “upgrade to a higher class of vehicle”. Said Mr. Graeme Newport, the General Manager of Al Haddad Motors.

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The new C-Class offers sensuous and clear design and a host of technical innovations as well as a comprehensive scope of standard equipment and exemplary emissions and fuel consumption figures.

The C-Class has grown to take account of people’s increasing average height. With an 80-millimetre increase in the wheelbase (2840 millimetres) compared with the previous model, the vehicle is 95 millimetres longer (4686 milli­metres) and 40 millimetres wider (1810 millimetres). The result is a more spacious interior. At 480 litres the new C-Class also surpasses its predecessor in terms of boot capacity (in accordance with ISO 3832).

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Some features of the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class include:

Sensuous clarity and purist forms

High-class interior with fine details

Rigid body – lightly done

Leading the field in aerodynamics and quiet running

BlueDIRECT petrol engines with third-generation direct injection

Optimised powertrain

First air suspension in this category

Steering with a sporty character

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive: the intelligent car

Airbags for safety

Air conditioning: signals from space

Vibrant infotainment

Internet and diverse data sources already available in the basic version

COMAND Online with hotspot functionality

Telephony via Bluetooth® as standard

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Further information from Mercedes-Benz is available online at: http://bahrain.mercedesbenzme.com 

Join Mercedes-Benz on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mercedes-Benz-Bahrain

Follow Mercedes-Benz on Twitter https://twitter.com/MercedesBenzBAH