Organic Foods & Cafe

Brief & Outcome

The Organic Foods and Café is Bahrain’s first family run organic supermarket and café that sells fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products. The Organic Foods and Café is the only certified organic outlet in the Middle East and is one of the largest suppliers of organic products in the world.

Upon opening in Bahrain, the management was unable to find a PR and Marketing firm that truly understood their mission and vision of raising awareness. They faced an extremely tough market and desperately needed a young and dynamic team with fresh ideas to help sell an organic lifestyle to the citizens of Bahrain.

Since working with Obai & Hill, they have built a large and loyal customer base in a short amount of time, have improved their public standing and reputation, as well as increased their sales. These results have been achieved through a myriad of ways including:

-       A customised 12-month marketing strategy

-       Staff training and development

-       Regular artwork and signage design

-       Events management

-       Social media management

-       Web design

-       Content creation and blog management

-       Press and media features



Services Rendered