O Talent: Talent Management Agency

The Obai and Hill Team were thrilled to introduce O Talent, the first Talent Management Agency in Bahrain on Monday the 24th of March at the Bahrain Financial Harbour to a select number of local personalities.


At O Talent, we harness the power of branding and strategic PR to provide the newest and most innovative way for our clients to be discovered. We strive to be the one-stop-shop for artists and personalities to showcase their talent. Embracing the complete spectrum of entertainment industry disciplines, artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, bloggers and designers are welcome.

Talent management involves a wide variety of services that ensure our clients get the exposure they need and deserve to include personality sponsorship, branding, goodwill ambassadorship, promotional figures and spokespersons. Through these channels O Talent can continue to represent our clients in the best light possible, to the audience that matters.

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The guests were invited to ask further questions  following the presentation and were then given the opportunity to meet with the team whilst mingling with other  guests over some light bites and drinks. Following the successful pilot, a comprehensive list of interested talents have contacted the team to attend the next presentation evening.


Please contact info@otalent.me if you wish to be represented by O Talent or for any further information.

Life Enhancing Courses with Kelly Armatage

Kelly Armatage is an internationally renowned life coach, focused and qualified in providing Counselling, Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Sessions, Meditation Classes, Self Development Workshops and Corporate Training in Bahrain and globally. Not only is Kelly often booked to speak publicly at events, she also runs Seminars and Workshops that facilitate significant change for attendees on a personal, emotional, professional and spiritual level.

MindSet LeafletAs part of The 2014 MindSet, Kelly Armatage is running some Life Enhancing Courses. The Menu consists of a range of courses, all targeting different aspects of personal development from meditation to supercharging your mind and body:

The Essential Meditation Course

The Ultimate Entrepreneur & Career Training

The Explosive Relationship Course

The “Super Charge Your Health” Course

Book a course before March 10th and receive a free one to one coaching session.

Book now at www.The2014mindset.com, or call +973 39931399 or +973 17002320 to start enhancing your life with the help of Kelly Armatage, whether it be professionally or personally.

Bahrain Yacht Club Announces Spring Regatta!


The Bahrain Yacht Club has announced the dates for it’s most highly anticipated event of the year, the Spring Regatta. The Regatta, which promises to unite members of the  sailing community as well as the boating and water sports enthusiasts from all around the island will be held on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th of April.

The races taking place will be as follows:

  •       Multihull Fleet (Hobies)
  •       Dinghy Fleet
  •       Keelboat Fleet – Fast Fleet
  •       Keelboat Fleet – Slow fleet
  •       Youth fleet – Under 18’s

The regatta will be an open day at the club and non-members are welcome to join in the fun. A wide variety of fun family activities will be running throughout the day, in addition to a delicious beach barbeque as well as live music.

The races are available for registration via the Water Sports centre which can be reached by calling 17700766. For more information e-mail committee@thebahrainyachtclub.com or visit their website here.

13 Ma’akum Candidates Win BCCI 28 Elections


Obai & Hill are proud to announce that Ma’akum, a 16-member coalition of Bahraini business leaders running in the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) board elections in the 28th session, have walked away with a sweeping victory following the elections which took place on the 15th of February 2014. Ma’akum, headed by renowned businessman  Khalid Almoayed, landed 13 seats to make up more than half of the board, securing the most votes with 3,128.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 11.47.39 AM

“It’s fabulous news,” said Mr. Almoayed.Khalid Almoayed

“I was confident of victory, but I don’t want to sound too offensive to other challengers. The election went very smoothly and I appreciate the work that everybody put in. Our group will now work very hard for the BCCI and the business community.”


A full PR and social media campaign was delivered by Obai & Hill for the Ma’akum 2014 campaign. Services delivered included branding and identity design,  artwork design for all marketing material and promotional booklets/flyers, as well as event management and coordination. From a PR perspective, we handled the day-to-day press management as well as social media management, press releases and distribution. Overall Obai & Hill were able to execute a very successful campaign,  cited as one of the most visible campaigns in the 28th session and highly praised for design. maakum--business-cards maakum--letterhead maakum--newsletter maakum--roll-ups maakum-invite-dinner maakum-invite-mentoring-session maakum-invite-press-conference

We wish the elected candidates the best of luck for the next session, and are happy to have worked with all 16 of some of the most influential and inspiring businessmen and women in Bahrain.


Maki Introduces The Amina Maki


The Amina Maki is the latest addition to Maki’s extensive menu. The Amina Maki is a collaboration between Amina Al Abbasi and Maki. A self-taught artist, Amina has been developing her artistic style while branching out to a full product line ranging from phone covers to handbags. Her art embraces traditional themes of Arab culture combined with a contemporary twist, similar to her collaboration with Maki.

The Amina Maki is an explosion of flavors for one’s taste buds, with a variety of ingredients that will suit everyone’s palettes. The Amina Maki incorporates fresh salmon, fresh white fish, avocado, shrimp tempura, rice, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and the award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Lastly, the maki is sprinkled with Japanese spices and green tea powder. As a final touch, the raw fish in the maki is torched, which enhances the flavors and brings out the juices that are hidden inside the fish.

The concept is to portray a vibrant artistic maki with a variety of flavors. In addition, the maki exudes Amina Al Abbasi’s creative personality, which is essential in namesake dishes. The Amina Maki will officially added to Maki’s diverse menu.

We had the pleasure of organizing the launch event – where Amina’s closest family and friends joined the celebration of unveiling The Amina Maki.

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Visit Maki at World Trade Center to try the Amina Maki – which is not only visually beautiful, but will excite your taste buds!