O Talent Signs Top Influencers

O Talent is Bahrain’s first talent agency that provides the newest and most innovative techniques of branding and strategic PR for our influencers to gain exposure, expand their audience reach, and help them be discovered. O Talent is the one-stop-shop  for personalities across all professions including bloggers, fashion designers, athletes, models, comedians, writers, musicians, and many more to showcase their talent and gain the opportunity to collaborate with companies and other influencers for events and projects.

During O Talent’s brief period of operations, the firm has managed to sign several talents across many industries including Bahraini Fashion stylist and blogger Duaa Zainal, lifestyle blogger Mara Mostafa, Michigan-based blogger Winnie Détwa, Bahraini fashion bloggers The Syeda Sisters, Australian lifestyle blogger Georgina Jensen, Kuwaiti blogger Dana Al Owaisi, Bahraini sports nutrition practitioner Mohammed Saad, and Bahraini fashion designer Reem Buqais-Rivera.

For more information regarding O Talent or our influencers, please visit www.otalent.me or email pr@obaiandhill.com

Duaa Zainal (I Speak Fashion) Picture Duaa Zainal (I speak fashion) logo


Mara Mostafa Picture Mara Mostafa Logo Georgina Jensen (Blonde in Bahrain) Picture Georgina Jensen (Blonde in Bahrain) Logo


Dana Al Owaisi Picture Dana Al Owaisi logo


Winnie Detwa Picture


The Syeda Sisters logo